Rock Pi 4SE – Debian Buster

glow in the dark keyboard

Edited to Clarify after further testing of the Debian Bullseye image

I’ve been testing out one of the other recommended operating systems for the Rock 4 SE, this time using their Debian Buster “Beta” image, to see if it performs better than the Bullseye image.

I can connect to my “5Ghz” WIFI and I am getting a good response out of it.

There is still an issue with it supporting my Ultra-Widescreen monitor. It is only able to run at 1080p 60Hz, so I am looking at one very stretchy operating system. This will not impact you too much if you are just using it to code and surf the web. However, you will not get the full benefit of having such a large screen. It is also unable to see the built-in speaker of the monitor, so I would have to connect external speakers for audio out of the device.

YouTube still fails to play even 480p video correctly, with videos choppy and unwatchable.

This post was written on the Rock 4 SE in the bundled Firefox browser. It is a little lagging when typing, but perfectly usable for the patient blogger.